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1. Due to the exceptional pricing being afforded to our customers, All Sales Are Final.
2. While we anticipate being able to fulfill your order in its entirety, due to the high volume of orders received by us, some items may be sold out prior to reaching our inventory control system.
3. will make every best effort to fill your order exactly as received. However, we may substitute up to 10% of the items with alternate items to complete the order.
4. will securely pack your items in special protective mailers. While we hope that every government or independent mail carrier will respect the valued contents contained in these protective mailers, the customer relieves of any claim to damages caused outside of our control. We will, of course, work with customers to assist in any manner available.
5. The customer understands that human error may play a role in sending an incorrect item. Should this occur, the customer agrees to email the Customer Service Department and notify us. We will do our best to make it up to you with a special discount or gift on your next order.
6. The customer recognizes the exceptional pricing being offered on these unique items and happily accepts the above terms and conditions.